H|H has three main levels of firearm education and tactical training; 

Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced.


Beginner courses are for those individuals that are not that familiar with firearms, and would like basic instruction such as how to aim, shoot, and maintain a firearm. 


Intermediate courses are for those students that are familiar with firearms, but would like to learn more, such as how to draw from a holster, and some movement shooting.   


The final level is Advanced.  These courses are for students that are comfortable moving and shooting, and drawing from a holster, but would like more advanced, real world shooter training.

If you are not sure where you fall in the categories mentioned above, our Range Officers will be happy to guide you.  Private lessons are also great for shooters that need special attention in one area or another, and for those that need the one-on-one training instead of a classroom. 


H|H is pleased to offer a comprehensive Concealed Carry course designed to include more basic gun handling and care information, ballistics, holster selection, etc., as well as detailed coverage of the legal ramifications of the use of lethal force in California and how the legal system effects those who elect to exercise their right to self-defense. The course includes extensive coverage of statutory and common law as well as mental conditioning, mindset, judgmental shooting and how to avoid, if at all possible, the use of lethal force. The course includes documentable live shooting and written exam qualifications which meet current California legal requirements.  Taught by seasoned firearms instructors.  


H|H offers a variety of detailing classes from those new to car care to Pro Detailers.   We will use hands on training to cover all areas of car care and answer and equip you with all the details to get your vehicle looking like it did when it first rolled off the showroom floor! From your standard sedan to trucks, SUVs, classics and exotics – we welcome it all. Surf City Garage, Quality Wax & Polish, our house brand and international distributed line of Enthusiast Grade® Products is used on every ride and available for purchase at the club.