How do I sign up for a membership?

You may visit our Membership Office anytime during the hours posted below:


Membership Office Hours:

Tuesday-Friday 10:00am-8:00pm

Saturday 12:00pm-8:00pm


For general information on our membership packages CLICK HERE


To book a tour CLICK HERE


 For further inquiries, please email 


What are your club hours?

Monday - CLOSED

Tuesday - 10am-10pm

Wednesday -10am-10pm

Thursday - 10am-10pm

Friday - 10am-12am

Saturday - 10am-12am

Sunday - 10am-9pm


Range - Tuesday-Sunday   10am-8pm

The .45 Shop - Tuesday-Sunday   10am-6pm


What are the Membership Terms & Agreements?


Membership is a 12-month Initial Term that auto renews at the 12th month to a month-to-month status. 


Terminations to memberships prior to the auto renewal can be assisted by emailing your 30-day notice to  The return of each member’s card will finalize a terminated membership at the club.


Can I put my membership on pause while out of town?

We are not able to put a pause on memberships due to limitations on membership availability.


Do you offer day passes so we can check out the club?

At this time, we do not offer day passes.


Is there an age limit?

Hot Rods & Handguns is an 18 years of age or older club.  We do not allow minors on property unless we have noted on our Members Events Calendar of Family Day (once a month) or Family Event, such as Holiday Celebrations.


What is a Family Add On?

Family Add Ons are defined as 18 years of age or older that reside in the same household at the Primary Member.  Members may add on a family member that meets the above criteria at any time.


Where can I find the club events?

Our Members Events Calendar can be found through your Member Portal and is also available on our website under MEMBER EVENTS CALENDAR.


How can we contact you, I do not see a phone number?

To best serve our members on property, we address all communications via email.  Most member amenities can be found through your Member Portal.  For all other inquiries, please email our general communications at


How can I set up at tour?


Tours can be booked through our website or at the link provided below.  Post tours, guests are given access to the first-floor amenities which include dining.  Please note, the range is not open to tour guests at anytime.


To book a tour CLICK HERE


Can I bring guests to the club?

Members are welcome to bring guests to the club!  Currently under a club promotion, Social Guests (those that are not utilizing the range during their visit) are welcome free of charge.  Shooting Guests (those that are utilizing the range during their visit) will require a Member’s Guest Pass Allotment included with Membership or a $25 Fee upon entry.  


Members’ Guest Pass Allotments vary per membership tier.  Each guest pass is for a unique visitor and cannot be use for a repeat visitor during the 12-month term.  Any repeat guests that require a guest pass, will pay a $25 Fee upon entry. Under the current promotion, this applies to Shooting Guests.

If you intend to bring more than 4 guests, please email so that we can best accommodate you on property. 


Can my guests enter the club without my presence?



As the member, you are the sponsor for your guests and are ultimately responsible for their conduct. You must check in your guest at the Front Desk and always accompany your guests while at the club.


How do I make Dinner Reservations?

Dinner Reservations are open to members only to book for their party.  While not required you can make dinner reservations by signing into your Member Portal and submitting a Dinner Reservation Request.


How do I plan an event?

For information CLICK HERE

Or email to submit your request.


I just signed up, can I shoot on the range right away?

Hot Rods & Handguns has requirements of all members, regardless their background, before shooting on the range.  All members will sign the Membership Agreement and Release of Liability Waiver emailed at time of sign up.  

Additionally, we require all members to complete a Range Orientation.  Orientations can be booked via the welcome to the club email upon sign up and includes an overview of Range Rules, Range Equipment and safety analysis.  Should our Range Team feel you are not ready to shoot confidently and safety on your own at time of Orientation, we will suggest training and lessons to help you get there!

Shooting guests do NOT need to complete a Range Orientation.  Upon arrival all shooting guests must check in at the front desk for credentials and completion of the Release of Liability Waiver.  At that time, your guests is cleared to share a lane with the member.  Additional lanes can be requested but will require a Range Safety Officer for lanes unsupervised by a member.  


Can I carry my CCW on property?


Yes. You may continue to carry your concealed firearm while in the club, if you abide by the laws that pertain to carrying a concealed weapon. If you want to shoot your concealed weapon on our range, do not unholster it anywhere on property other than in the shooting stall. You may not practice drawing from concealment while shooting on range at any time. 


How do I change my card on file for my monthly membership dues?

Please visit our Membership Office or email if you need a card to be added, deleted, or updated on your account. 


How can I use my Food & Beverage credit?

Primary Platinum and Corporate Members receive a monthly Food + Beverage Credit.  When dining, please ask your server to apply to your bill when requested.  Credit renews on the first of every month and does not roll over.


How do I transfer a firearm to .45 Shop?

We accept any California legal firearm purchases from other FFLs. Please let us know you're transferring something in and send us a copy of your invoice so we can account for taxes. We do charge a transfer fee that varies based on membership level. Once we receive your firearm, we will log it into our system and send you a layaway receipt including a sum up of charges. At this point you can come in at your convenience to begin the background process. The ten-day wait does not commence until you fill out paperwork in person with us after the firearm arrives.


Please contact for more specific instructions regarding Interfamilial Transfers.


Can I transfer ammunition into The .45 Shop?

Yes! If your ammunition purchase is above $500, we charge 15% of the subtotal for transfer.  For purchases below $500, we charge a $75 transfer fee. We also collect any applicable taxes.  Please email a copy of your invoice to 


Please note; ammunition transferred into the shop is not considered purchased from Hot Rods & Handguns and is not for use on our range.


What do I need to purchase a handgun in the state of CA?

  • a valid CA Driver License or ID card
  • your Firearm Safety Card or CCW (if you do not have the FSC, we can administer the test for you for $25)
  • a secondary proof of residency ie: Vehicle Registration, Utility Bill, or CCW with your name and current address.
  • Passport if you do not have the new Real ID


With a few exceptions, only one firearm can be DROSed within each 30-day period so please make sure you know when your last firearm was DROSed. If you only purchase through us, we'll take care of that for you.


What do I need to process a PPT (Private Party Transfer)?

  • current CA Driver's License or IDs from each party. 
  • FSC (or exemption ie CCW, Police ID etc) from the Buyer
  • Proof of Residency ie Vehicle Registration with Buyer's name and current address. Must be valid and only needed for Handgun transfer OR if Buyer's ID has incorrect address.


If either Seller or Buyer's ID has "FEDERAL LIMITS APPLY" printed on it, that party will be required to also bring valid Passport or US Birth Certificate or Green Card if applicable.


Both parties must be present for the entire transaction.