Passion is a word that we use often without a full understanding of its true meaning. Some people confuse Passion with hard work or financial success, but neither are related. Passion is a force inside us that without conscious thought, drives us in relentless pursuit of a goal. Pursuit of the hard or even impossible

to obtain is a common trait with Passionate people. 

 Think of the brewmaster searching for years for that perfect blend that no one has tasted yet. 

The custom car builder toiling for hours to achieve the perfect line that will complete the perfect build.

Then, there is the master craftsman sitting at his bench hand engraving another masterpiece 1911 while looking through magnifying glasses, in pursuit of a level of perfection only he will know is there.

I have spent my entire career designing and building other people's Dreams. The projects have been varied, some easy and others hard, but I have always pursued their goals with equal passion. Now, it is my turn to fulfill my own dream, Hot Rods & Handguns. It makes perfect sense that seeing my own dream come true would be the most challenging project I have ever undertaken, but I seriously underestimated how high the mountains were, and just how many hoops one person can actually jump through.

I know what you are thinking...Guns, Hot Rods, Craft Beer, and a Cigar Lounge all under one roof...and in California? I agree, not the easiest path to achieve your Dream, but again, Passion is the driver here, not common sense. I love Cars, I love Handcrafted Custom Handguns, and most of all I love designing spaces that people not only find unique and fun to look at, but also unexpectedly welcoming.

Welcoming is not just a word to me. Hot Rods & Handguns is for everyone to enjoy. I realize not everyone is into Guns, Hot Rods, and Craft Beer, but if you like any one of the three, stop in and we will make you feel right at home.

Founder, Hot Rods & Handguns